Picture Gallery

 He is coating columns. There is a drop ceiling going in on the open joists.

This is a smooth ceiling. All of our smooth ceilings gets a level five finish to ensure a perfectly smooth finish. 

This is a basement that HJW Drywall Completed and under primer. All exposed wood gets a wood beam.


Great room in a house

 Great Room above in a house we did. Level 5 ceiling. This picture is before final sanding was completed.

Walking on stilts and wiping tape. We are efficient and high quality! Click image to view larger image.

Flower bed we did (above). Plants weren't planted yet and no mulch was added in this picture.  Below is a driveway we installed in Medina. Click on pictures to view larger pictures. The white on the concrete is cure to slow the cure of the concrete.

 Thank you for viewing our work. As you can see quality work is what we produce. So if you are looking for quality, HJW Drywall is the company you need on your job!

These are called shadow boxes. They are real nice to place items for display.


   We walk on stilts to help us reach higher areas. This helps the job move easier than if we just used ladders.

This is the same basement just a broader view. 

Sunburst on a kitchen ceiling we hung and finished. A ceiling fan goes on this custom texture. 

This is the owner Harold Watkins  (above)using an automatic taper (bazooka) to apply tape and mud to a wall. Click on image to see a larger picture. 

This is a sub-station  we did in the Falls (above). click image to view larger image.

Below is repair work we did to a house in Garfield Hts.

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